Brightwake Donates £2000 to Local Food Bank

Hucknall Food Bank have been supporting the community of Hucknall for many years. However, due to a recent increase of over 50% in people using the food bank, they made a plea on Facebook for help. Demand for food banks has been growing since the start of the pandemic, but in recent months, numbers have grown exponentially. This increase, as well as soaring food prices, meant that they were in danger of running out of supplies to support roughly 50 local households per week.
Upon seeing the plea, Brightwake Managing Director, Steve Cotton, donated £2000 to help them. This much needed money will allow them to support families in need for the next ten weeks. However, with the rising cost of living and more and more families being referred for their services, they are in need of ongoing support.

They have a great community of volunteers who give their time to help sort, date and pack the food, as well as Nottingham Fire Department who help by delivering packages to those who are not mobile, and by collecting donations from local businesses.

‘We’re so grateful to everyone who donates, especially now the cost of living is increasing so much and it is more difficult for people to afford their own food, let alone donating to food banks. While food donations are greatly received, donations of cash are extremely helpful as it allows us to replenish essential items which are running low such as sugar, washing powder and toiletries and ensure that there is enough for everyone.’ – Yvonne Campbell, Food Bank Manager. ‘The situation is only getting worse and we’re expecting to continue getting busier. We see people most days who haven’t been referred but just don’t know where else to turn, we always help them with a food package as well as advise on who they can speak to for a referral’
If you are struggling to afford food, there are a number of people who you can speak to for a referral to the food bank, such as a teacher, doctor or job centre advisor. For more information or advice visit the citizens advice website.

To make a donation to Hucknall Food Bank visit the Just Giving page.